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Some commonly asked questions...

Machine info.

If it fits we can make it work.

  • Machine One: Table measures 24 in  x  12 in with a depth of 8 in

  • Machine Two: Table measures 36 in  x  24 in with a depth of 12 in

Yes we can do round objects like cups and wine glasses. We have a rotary system of  X  x  X  x ​

Material info.

We work with a variety of materials in all shapes and sizes. Some materials do not work well with our machines.

After years of trial and error here is our findings.

  • Wood:  Most of our projects are made with maple plywood. It's strong and cost effective, especially on large orders. 

        It's great for etching and cutting up to 1/4 inch thick. Softer woods can be etched and cut up to 1/2 inch thick but we do not                   normally carry it in stock. Bamboo and soft pine are okay but when etched it shows the ripple in the grain. Not the best but it                 works for some projects. Particle board or any kind of press board must be saw cut only. Not laser cut. 

  • Acrylic Plastic:  We have a line on various colors and thicknesses. Good for etching and cutting up to 1/4 thick. Most invitations and things are made from 1/8 clear or frosted plastic. Most name cutouts and large signs are made from 1/8 solid white, solid black or solid gold. Please call for current color availability and options. 818.967.7572  M-F  9-5pm

  • Paper:  Most of our paper is supplied by the client for their project. Only thick dark colored paper can be etched. Otherwise paper is only really good for cutting. Foam board and chip board okay.

  • Leather:  All leather is different. Everything has been oiled, treated and not treated in various things so sometimes the etching comes out dark and sometimes it comes out lighter. Black leather is okay, it just creates a more subtle look. It doesn't "pop" out.

  • Glass:  Etch only. No cut option available

  • Metal:  Etch only IF anodized, coated in something the laser can etch off, otherwise it won't show up.

  • Cork:  Etch and cut okay. Up to 1/8 thick.


Every project is different. It's best to e-mail or call us with your ideas so we can help you with a quote. 

Things that affect the price:

Due Date: Depends on the project really. Most jobs are ready next day or within a few days. There are times when we get busy, especially around the holidays. Please allow time for your upcoming projects. Call us for an estimated time for completion. Projects like 250 pieces due by tomorrow will most likely count as a rush job. Interrupting a large run to do a bracelet for your girlfriend because your anniversary is tonight will most likely count as a rush job. Sorry. But we do need lead time. Please understand.

Material: acrylic plastic is the most expensive material. If you can 

Priceless Heirlooms, Irreplaceable Items & Computers

We do not do. If it can't be replaced, unfortunately we decline to work on it. There are times when things go wrong and a power outage or something random can cause some mistakes while etching or cutting. We would hate to ruin your MacBook cover or your grandmothers vintage table clock that you just wanted engraved for her birthday. Things happen. We don't want to risk it.

Our apologies if this is puts a damper on your gift idea. 

Artwork & Files

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